Before you call us – checklist

Depending on your comfort level with mechanical and electrical machinery, you can check these simple things yourself to save some time, money, and unnecessary service calls:

  • Check your disconnect switch
    • A disconnect switch is usualy placed nearby your furnace or at the top of the basement steps.
    • On a lot of service calls we experience that someone inadvertently turned this switch off with a laundry basket or the like
  • Check your fusebox/breaker panel
    • On really hot days, or during high demands, it’s possible for the breaker to flip or the fuse to blow. You can reset the breaker or replace the fuse yourself.  If it continues to flip/blow, then you should call a professional to address the issue.
  • Check your air filter
    • Changing the air filter should be done on a regular basis and is a crucial part of proper operation of your equipment.
    • The air filter should be checked, particularly when there is an issue with air conditioning.
    • A dirty air filter restricts flow, preventing conditioning of the air as it travels through the air handler. This can cause icing around your air conditioning refrigerant lines, tripping of safety switches in heat mode, and/or excess dirt on crucial electrical parts inside your equipment.